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Travel, for me - for us, I should say, because Richard and I have the same feeling for exploring other countries, other possibilities, other ways of life - has always been a must. Maybe its a case of the grass is always greener but we love dipping into other worlds.

We have lived such a nomadic life, everywhere from the apartment on Ipanema Beach in Rio to a house in the Hollywood Hills; from a crumbling eleventh-century manor house in the depths of the English countryside to a flat in London's Chelsea. From a townhouse in Dublin to a twentieth-floor glass-walled waterfront apartment in Vancouver; from Spain to Provence and back to California. There's just something in us that kept us always on the move, looking for Paradise, I suppose, and one of the benefits of that search is that I am able to use all those locations in my books. I've walked down those streets, breathed the air, felt how it was to be there.

I think we've finally settled down, though as a friend said, 'Other people go to foreign countries to visit. You go there to live.' Well, who knows, there's a lot more world out there.

My first novel, Leonie, was set in Paris and the South of France, venues to which I keep on returning, and I admit to a love affair with both. Paris, a golden beauty of a city, is my favorite. I can never spend enough time there and in fact, I've just finished writing The Last Time I Saw Paris (published in summer 2001 by St. Martin's Press)

Now, to you readers who are familiar with my fiction, this book will come as sort of a surprise. Not a murderer, not a woman-in-peril, not a rapist in sight. It's quite different: romantic, erotic, funny and sexy. And though it's fiction The Last Time I Saw Paris is based on my own life and travels.

How much of the character, Lara, is really me? You will have to read PARIS to find out.

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