Dear Readers & Friends,

AMT - American Express & Crystal Cruises has negotiated a fantastic discounted fare on 50 of the best staterooms on the brand new Crystal Serenity just for you, my readers & friends! Now I can share with you personally some of the romantic locations that I write about in my books.



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Dear Readers & Friends,

So sorry I haven’t written to you since before my September trip to Europe – but my next book, to be published next summer,


– has taken me longer than usual to write. Sometimes I’m like a painter who still goes to the museum, after-hours, and continues to paint his latest work, even when it is already hanging on the wall! The book is wonderful, I LOVE the characters, and I can’t wait for you to read it.

Our trip was so much fun – we visited our great friends – you know them in my books as Red & Jerry Shoup – and stayed at their fantastic house. We attended 8 dinner-parties in the 10 days that we spent with them – saw old friends, and met new friends, some of whom will probably turn up as characters in my novels. That’s the problem when I meet someone, I have a mind that records conversations, events, sights & sounds. If we ever meet, be careful, or you might end up on the pages of one of my novels.

After that, we went to Saint Tropez – which at the end of the season is still a “village” with a‘larger-than-life reputation’, just like Bridget Bardot, who put it ‘on-the-map’ internationally. We stayed at a fantastic old “Ferme” – a converted farmhouse. It started out forty years ago as a restaurant with just 4 rooms for friends who didn’t want to make the journey home after an evening of eating great food and drinking too much rosé wine. It now has the same marvelous restaurant but has 26 rooms and 26 suites – on a pine-covered hill close to one of Saint Tropez’s beaches. Rest & Relaxation, wonderful food, chilled rosé wine, sunshine and the owls in the pines at night…. What could be better.

We then drove past the French border-town of Menton and into Italy. I’d never been to the part of Italy that continues past the French Riviera into San Remo, etc. The food was fantastic – but we missed our paradise in St. Tropez so we returned there for a few days before flying back from Nice to Los Angeles. So, how to introduce you, my Friends & Readers, to the beauty of my favorite locations on the French Riviera and to some of our favorite restaurants, cafés, shops and sights? And for those of you who’ve already been there, to show you a new way to enjoy it?

American Express Travel & Crystal Cruises came up with the perfect solution:
my own Elizabeth Adler “Cruise Within a Cruise,”

– 12 days on their newest ship, the Crystal Serenity

– departing from Rome on July 13th, and ending in Venice on July 24th.

The price is amazing, the places we visit are romantic and beautiful, & the ship itself is lovelier than I ever expected. I’m so looking forward to it.We’ve booked 50 cabins to accommodate those who want to experience the

Elizabeth Adler Romantic Trip of A Lifetime!

For more Information, click here

But now, here are some new pictures of my beloved kitties, the beautiful & naughty Sweet Pea the Siamese – and Sunny, rescued feral cat and as sweet as they come.

Sweet Pea & Sunny

And to join the Picture Gallery, here I am with some friends & fans who will be on the cruise with me, and where I’ll also look forward to meeting you.

Elizabeth & Richard

Elizabeth & Barbara

Betty & Warren

Elizabeth & Francesca

Ross & Barbara

Sandi & Bill

And thank you for sending me those marvelous, thrilling-to-read, e-mails

– I love to hear from you.

As always,

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