My latest Book, PLEASE DON'T TELL now available in stores as Hardback, e-book and Audio CD.

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My last book, A PLACE IN THE COUNTRY is now available in Trade Paperback & in all e-books formats.

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FROM BARCELONA WITH LOVE in stores in Trade-paperback and e-book.

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Our daughter claims that we named her after two nightclubs, Anabelle's in London and Regine's in Paris. (Not true, of course)

Belle went to an all-girl English boarding school, graduated from Harvard, and is now an architect.

After all that education she decided to open her own little cafe in Santa Monica, (see Sooner or Later) which surely taught her about business the hard way and gave her too many eighteen-hour-days. She sold the cafe after a couple of years and now she's doing graphic design, as well as designing websites for architects, artists, restaurants and writers. And of course, she designed this lovely website for her mom.

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