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My last book, A PLACE IN THE COUNTRY is now available in Trade Paperback & in all e-books formats.

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My newest Hardback, FROM BARCELONA WITH LOVE was published in June in Trade-Paperback and e-book.

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As you know, both my beloved Siamese died. Miku, five years ago, and Coco in August, 2002.

They can never be replaced in my heart, but a home without a cat or two, and maybe a dog, is too quiet a place. My lovely and naughty Siamese, Sweet Pea; and my rescued feral black beauty, Sunny, now fill that gap. But of course, nothing ever replaces the love and pleasure that all of our animals give us. They are our love-haven - wherever they are, we are loved - unconditionally.

My new kitties:

Sweet Pea stretches on the couch.
Sunny thinks he's hiding!

This is a friend, a goofy golden retriever, George.

As you already know, I love animals. On my many visits to France and Italy I am always surprised when I see a well-behaved dog in a restaurant, sitting quietly by its owner, under the table or a chair.

Then, when I look at the menu I see that there is also a price in Euros, for a meal for a dog. Waiters bring bowls of food and water, the dog eats, then curls up again. And I have still not heard a single bark or a growl in any restaurant.

Let me tell you a memory I have of the Chateau Whistler, outside Vancouver in British Colombia, Canada. We were checking into the hotel to enjoy the skiing and beautiful winter weather when I noticed a woman signing her registration form — and next to her, sitting on the front desk was a beautiful white Persian cat, calmly watching us watching her. This hotel accepted both cats and dogs.

I asked myself why we didn't have the same opportunity here? Are our pets so badly behaved in public? Or do we not have facilities to accommodate pets as well as their owners? As an animal-lover and traveler who has the constant problem of leaving my "loved ones" in a kennel or boarding facility, I decided to look into the matter. Happily, I've found many 'pet-friendly' hotels, places that welcome guests with well-behaved pets. These hotels charge a small additional fee and offer a "pet menu" via room service, as well as many other small creature "comforts."

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