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What do I read?

Mostly biography and history. I never read fiction when I'm working; it's too distracting-and besides I'm too tired and too involved with my own characters to concentrate. I save that for beach vacations.

What do I recommend?

RUTH REICHL has two books of autobiography out. Since she was the New York Times restaurant critic for many years and is now the editor of Gourmet magazine, you know she is a true 'foodie' and believe me this woman knows how to describe food so that your mouth waters. But this is also the funny and witty story of her life, she makes you laugh with her stories of her eccentric mother (for whom a bit of mold on the pies was just something to be dusted off, a mere nothing!) Reichl has the ability to take you into her world, and she is a treasure. Please read TENDER AT THE BONE (Growing Up At the Table) which is her first volume of autobiography, plus now also the sequel COMFORT ME WITH APPLES (just published by Broadway Books) I can't recommend them highly enough.

Another interesting book is USE ME by Elissa Schappell. It's not exactly a collection of stories, but more like stories about the same people, strung together as a novel: the young girl who is the narrator and her family, about friendships and family rivalry, the love for a man, the birth of a child and the death of a father. It's wildly eccentric and seriously funny, and it's published by Harper Collins under their Perennial imprint.

Here is a list of books from my current reading list:

RULES OF THE WILD (Vintage) a novel by Francesca Marciano. A study of a beautiful woman falling for the wrong man and falling to pieces emotionally, set in the rigid world of European-expatriate Keyna, with the added bonus of wonderful description of landscape and animals and safaris.

DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD - a novel by Rebecca Wells (Random House) is funny and poignant and full of southern charm; a young girl's view of her eccentric mother and her friends.

Carolyn See's novel THE HANDYMAN (Random House, now out in paperback) is a wonderful tale about a young 'handyman' who somehow manages to bring order and sanity into the lives of the odd people he works for and, sometimes, love as well.

Also Carolyn See's autobiography, DREAMING-HARD TIMES AND GOOD LUCK IN AMERICA is searing and devastating, heart-warming, funny and. It's brilliant.

BEACH MUSIC - Pat Conroy is a wonderful storyteller whose prose sends me into meltdown. Sinuous, sensuous, smoothly Southern, he is the writer I admire most and this book is a wonder. There is a beauty about his prose that leaves you reading and rereading the same paragraph, just for the way the words flow, smooth as a good southern bourbon, right to your gut.

Willie Morris's MY DOG SKIP, and also MY CAT SPIT MacGEE (Random House). The first is the heart-warming story (I have to use that cliche because heart-warming is truly what it is) of a boy and his dog, old-fashioned, nostalgic, and wonderful whether you are a dog lover or not. Now it has been made into a charming movie, though the story is slightly different.

MY CAT SPIT MacGEE tells how Morris, a confirmed dog-man married a Cat-person, and slowly was converted to cats. For all of us who are cat-people, he captures the essence of what it is about these creatures that makes us become their willing slaves. Willie Morris's conversion was complete when, sadly, he died last year.

SECRETS OF THE FLESH - A LIFE OF COLETTE by Judith Thurman (Knopf) A well-told biography of a famous, fascinating and seductive woman, which also shows the other, tougher side of her character.

CINDERELLA AND COMPANY - Backstage At The Opera With Celia Bartoli, by Manuela Hoelterhoff, (Vintage) is a gossipy and very funny glimpse at this exotic world: the truth about opera singers, their lives and their outrageous demands. Delicious.

EVERYBODY WAS SO YOUNG - by Amanda Vail (Broadway) 'The Story Of Sarah And Gerald Murphy: A Lost Generation Love Story.' A vividly-detailed glimpse into the happy times and tragedies of a golden couple with a gift for sharing their lives, loves and loyalty with their many friends. The first Americans to settle in in the South of France, they are most famous for being the longtime all-forgiving friends of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald - Brilliant!

FALLING LEAVES by Adeline Yen Mah (Broadway) The writer is a physician, but here she writes evocatively about her tormented childhood as the unwanted daughter of a wealthy Chinese family, under the domination of a cruel stepmother who was about on par with Snow White's for evil machinations. Mah tells how, despite everything, her spirit prevailed, and she finally became a woman in her own right. Wonderful and heart-rending, it will bring tears to your eyes. Especially Mah's dedication 'To all the unwanted children.'

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